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We have chosen our products based primarily on their certified and unique effectiveness and innovative formulas. The cosmeceutics available at the salon are cutting edge products from all over the world. We work with the international leading brands in cosmetology.
Image skincare

IMAGE Skincare was created on the basis of scientific research in the fields of dermatology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. This is an American medical brand created by people with passion.
Some information about Image Skincare
The founders of Image Skincare are Mrs Janna Ronert and her husband doctor Marc Ronert. Their assumption was to create strong preparations reaching the deeper layers of the epidermis. In this case, we can talk about full cure, because effective treatments are complemented by home care. These are the treatments that can be safely performed all year, despite the high concentrations of chemical peelings. The doctors, aesthetic medicine specialists, owners of clinics and SPAs have already trusted this brand. The most important is that the treatments give quick and lasting results in delaying the aging processes as well as in the fight against their first signs. An additional advantage is that they do not contain parabens, silicones, artificial colours and fragrances, they are based only on selected treasures of nature, that is mainly on components of plant origin.
More about the brand:

A professional Spanish cosmetics brand. A leader and specialist in technologically advanced, innovative and safe products used in aesthetic treatments such as Mesotherapy cocktails based on mesohyal hyaluronic chemical peels, or post-treatment regenerations. The company was founded by pharmacists, whose patented products are of the highest quality and are supported by scientific research.

Environ is a scientifically tested philosophy ensuring the best care and protection. It was the first brand to be called “cosmeceutic”, since Environ skin care products have pharmaceutical qualities and are developed based on scientific and medical research in the Tretin-Care laboratory in Cape Town. The Environ cosmeceutic range contains the highest quality ingredients: concentrated A, E and C vitamins, peptides and a broad range of anti-oxidants. The founder of the brand, Dr Desmond Fernandes, is the principal of the University of Cape Town (cleft lip and palate unit) and also practices as a cardio-surgeon and plastic surgeon. In conjunction with his work as a plastic surgeon he conducts intensive clinical tests in his quest to conquer skin ageing symptoms (photoaging).
“We believe that beauty is a lot more than the surface of our skin.”

Retix C is a comprehensive, intensive and exfoliating anti-ageing therapy.

The treatment employs the synergy of three components: retinol 4%, vitamin C 8% and and anti-oxidising complex 30%.

Retinol is a pure form of vitamin A, which is one of the most effective active ingredients used in skin rejuvenation. The treatment delivers retinol to the skin in the form of Matrix, a stable and innovative polymer complex with prolonged and deepened penetration qualities and minimised concentration. This treatment aims to stimulate cell renewal, exfoliate the dead skin and intensively brighten, refresh and smooth the structure of the skin. The treatment also reduces the blemishes that occur on our skin as time goes by (small wrinkles, blackheads, discolouring). Additionally, it has moisturising properties, reinforcing the natural protective layer of the epidermis, as well as retaining water in the skin. The effect? The skin is visibly rejuvenated, illuminated, uniform and taut with less visible wrinkles from the very first session.

Balola Sopot Arosha

Arosha products are designed and developed exclusively for whole-body treatments. Arosha products are recommended for treating cellulite and for body toning and slimming. These treatments also firm and moisturise the skin.

Arosha’s flagship products are bandages made from delicate cotton and saturated with active ingredients. The concept of wrapping the body originated from the need to create a more attractive silhouette. When nestled in a cocoon of active ingredients, the body is more receptive to them, as everything happens gradually. The bandages reduce water retention and help remineralize the skin. Moreover, the bandages do not put pressure on the skin; the wrapping creates “controlled compression”.

Exuviance Balola Sopot

Exuviance is a sub-brand of Neostrata.

Neostrata® skincare products are of clinically confirmed effectiveness, scientifically advanced and recommended by doctors. They visibly regenerate and improve the condition of the skin. The brand was founded by two extraordinary scientists known for their uncommon and unparalleled passion for dermatology. They are constantly perfecting their formulas. You will feel beautiful when you notice the quick and beneficial changes to your skin.
The products are designed for all skin-types and are made to tackle various problems such as photoaging, acne, hyperpigmentation, excessive dryness and rosacea. Exuviance cosmetics are very appreciated by Balola clients.

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Balola Sopot Xylogic

Xylogic is a brand founded in response to the increasing demand for specialised skincare products that are designed to delay ageing. It is a new range of comprehensive skincare products, which includes professional products and everyday cosmetics to ensure optimal, quick and visible effects.

Xylogic products constitute a perfect supplementation to dermatological treatments and ensure the maintenance of their effects. Xylogic products are available only in selected beauty salons.