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Balola was founded in response to cater for demanding women. Our business originated from the need to find effective cosmetological solutions for women on the go. We are fully aware that you expect results immediately and not at the end of a series of treatments. That is why we have invested in the highest quality salon equipment and use only the best dermatology products. The state-of-the-art technologies used in our salon guarantee satisfaction and the commitment of our team of qualified cosmetologists demonstrates that professionalism can go hand in hand with passion. Come and visit us and let us make you feel beautiful!
Meet Our Team

Agata R.


I am always smiling, full of optimism, responsible, fond of challenges and very well organized. I am a mother of two fantastic children and considering the fact that they are twins, the organization of the day and work is perfectly mastered for me. I also have a lot of patience and empathy for other people. I spend every free moment with my family and use this time 100%. I always try to do my job reliably and with full commitment.

Kaja P.


I found myself in Balola looking for a place where I could develop my knowledge and see the cosmetology world from the inside. I graduated from visage school which I associate my future with although I can’t hide that Balola instils in me more and more sympathy for cosmetology.

I am a person who values the people surrounds me the most, that’s why I try to greet everyone who visits Balola with a smile and warmth- so that you could feel like at home :)



I am an artistic soul, a tireless optimist, a perfectionist and an aesthete. My need for constant development and search for new cosmetic solutions led me to Balola. I always say that, in this day and age, standing still is like going backwards.
The most rewarding part of my work is the moment when a smile appears on a client’s face brought about by the end effect of their treatment. There is no better compliment or reward to my work than when a client feels self-confident or overcomes complexes connected with their looks. I am a Cosmetologist, Biotechnologist and a make-up artist. I am proud to say that I fulfil myself professionally every day. I treat every client individually and devote additional time to education because treatment itself is not enough. For the effect to be long-lasting, appropriate everyday care at home is essential. Cooperation between myself and my clients is therefore the key to success. My profession is also my passion. I allow my artistic side to thrive through working as a make-up artist, including work on photo shoots and commercial and artistic projects.
Coco Chanel used to say that “there are no ugly women, just unkempt ones”. And although this quote may sound controversial to some, I believe that there is some truth behind it. Visit me at Balola and let us make the best of you.



The founder of Balola. An active and demanding woman and a loving mother of three. Having experienced her first wrinkles, she started a quest for advanced cosmetic solutions. Her pursuit gave rise to the idea of Balola, a place where a team of understanding and committed experts offers optimal treatments based on personal consultations with every client.
A satisfied user of all the products and facilities at Balola.



Ambitious, concrete and precise. Those are the traits I particularly cherish in my daily life and professional practice. Cosmetology has been my passion ever since I can remember. It is a field I know well. I graduated from Poznań Medical University and my studies provided me with the valuable experience of working with renowned practitioners from related fields such as dermatology and plastic surgery. I don’t like repeating the boring old patterns, either in my personal life or in cosmetology. I always try to look for innovative solutions to the problems I encounter in my professional practice. I like combining various forms of salon skincare and quality beauty products to provide individual and personalized treatments for each of my clients. I believe that one compliments the other. No beauty product will substitute professional 21st century technologies. No technology will substitute a good beauty product.
Our skin is constantly changing, so it is important to properly recognise its needs. Then we find the most suitable treatment strategy. In agreement with my client and the options available, I always strive for complete solutions.
I believe that the measure of the quality of treatments performed by cosmetologists is their effectiveness. It gives me great satisfaction and strength when I see the results of my treatments and the happiness they bring to my clients. Our appearance is our calling card. However, we have to bear in mind that our appearance must be constantly cared for. Every one of us is different and special and has individual skincare needs! I believe that a few just minor cosmetic treatments can awaken a huge potential and self-assurance in every woman.
In my private life, I can’t imagine life without a bit of greenery and the sight of white sailboats! I come from Masurian lake district, so that really explains it all. I love travelling and my favourite place for rest and relaxation is in the beautiful city of Rome. I admire the calm of the people living there and the fact that they always have time for everything. Italian cuisine reigns in my kitchen. In fashion, I like simple tailoring and sporty elegance. I am also a passionate reader. I have several pairs of glasses with which I cannot part. When I have some free time, I go running. I love everything sweet and chocolatey.