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Balola was founded in response to cater for demanding women. Our business originated from the need to find effective cosmetological solutions for women on the go. We are fully aware that you expect results immediately and not at the end of a series of treatments. That is why we have invested in the highest quality salon equipment and use only the best dermatology products. The state-of-the-art technologies used in our salon guarantee satisfaction and the commitment of our team of qualified cosmetologists demonstrates that professionalism can go hand in hand with passion. Come and visit us and let us make you feel beautiful!
Meet Our Team

Marta S-K.


An artistic soul, an incorrigible optimist, a perfectionist, and an aesthete.

I’ve been with BALOLA since its inception, and recently I’ve taken the helm. I found my way here due to my need for continuous development, seeking new solutions in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. I believe that in today’s times, standing still is like moving backward…

After all, there is no better investment than investing in oneself. In my work, I prioritize a harmonious and professional team, as well as innovative yet effective solutions. I have degrees in Cosmetology, Biotechnology, and Podiatry. I find fulfillment every day in my work. I approach each case very individually and holistically. The skin reflects what’s happening inside our body, which is why it’s crucial that cosmetic treatments go hand in hand with proper home care and sometimes even medical care. I devote a lot of time to education during treatments because the treatment itself is not everything. For lasting results, cooperation with the patient is essential – it’s the key to success.

Privately, I am the wife and mother of Kazik, and also the owner of three cats. I love spending my free time with family and friends. I relax my mind by creating compositions and wreaths from dried plants. Let’s meet at Balola; we can start with a conversation.

Paulina K.


Curious about the world and always seeking new challenges in life with great impatience.

I am a physiotherapist who dreamt of diving into another field, which is cosmetology. I obtained my master’s degree in physiotherapy from the Medical University in Łódź, where I learned the secrets of massage and bodywork. After moving to the Tri-City area, I began working at Baloli, and in the meantime, I became a happy mother. My desire for development and learning was reignited, and I returned to the Team after a break, filled with new energy. Courses in nail styling, eyelash extensions, eye framing, and lamination gave me an appetite for “more”, which led me to the Higher School of Health and Beauty, where I am now pursuing my education in Cosmetology.

Privately, I love spending time with family and friends, camping, and horseback riding. Every day is an opportunity to meet wonderful people, experience new adventures, and learn something new.

With great care and attention, I will take care of your body and also help your soul to rest. Together, we’ll ensure you feel better and enjoy your time.

Ewa K.


Personality traits: precise, composed, conscientious, gentle, with passion and the soul of an artist.

I am a cosmetologist and a graduate of the Higher School of Health in Gdańsk. Years of experience in the profession have allowed me to hone my practical skills and delve deep into the intricacies of the human body. Cosmetology is a rapidly and dynamically evolving field, thus offering opportunities for growth on many levels. I became intrigued by the complexity of the body’s aging processes and treatments that delay this process. Hence, when pursuing supplementary studies, I chose a specialization in anti-aging cosmetology. By taking this educational path, my aim was to acquire the competencies and skills necessary to select treatment methods, allowing me to always tailor my approach to the individual needs of the client.

My artist’s soul and the path I’ve chosen help me take pleasure in the achieved results with attention to every detail.

In my free time, I like to relax by painting abstracts, preferably to good music.

My goal is to achieve the best results in skin rejuvenation and revitalization while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of my clients.

Martyna P.


Decisive, meticulous, and fond of working with people.

I became a cosmetologist out of passion; I’ve always been interested in matters related to cosmetics and dermatology. Pursuing my passion, I completed my studies at the Higher School of Health, Beauty, and Education, specializing in general cosmetology. I adopt a holistic approach, taking into account all significant aspects concerning lifestyle, daily care, or health issues, as skin care doesn’t end with a treatment in a salon. I believe that only through such an approach can we achieve lasting results in the therapy of problems related to skin, hair, or nails and maintain them in good condition.

In my work, I place great emphasis on high standards, quality cosmetics, adhering to all hygienic and safe work practices, as well as a cohesive and professional team.

Privately, I am a speedway enthusiast. I like to spend my time actively, exercising at the gym or cycling. I am an animal lover, especially fond of cats.

Oliwia B.


Open-minded, talkative, and ambitious.

I love drawing positive energy from others and reciprocating in kind. I’ve always been intrigued by the beauty of another person. I began my professional journey in cosmetology with my studies at Collegium Medicum UMK in Bydgoszcz, obtaining a master’s degree in cosmetology. My studies taught me that what we see on the outside can also reveal what’s happening inside the human body. With this in mind, I start every meeting with our guests with a thorough consultation, where I can create a tailored treatment plan and home care routine.

What I like most about being a cosmetologist is how the most basic treatments can change someone’s outlook to a brighter and more expressive one. During each treatment, I strive to make the guest feel relaxed and at ease—even after having undergone previous invasive procedures. My favorite area is undoubtedly anti-aging treatments, especially those involving technology. Outside of the salon, I love to develop and draw inspiration from various conferences and training sessions. Privately, I love to joke around and meet up with friends.

My passions are dancing and traveling, and my biggest dream is a several-month-long journey across all continents. At home, I’ve discovered a new hobby in the form of baking cakes and other sweet treats :)

Agata R.


I am always a smiling person, full of optimism, responsible, fond of challenges, and very well-organized. I am a mother of two wonderful children, and considering the fact that they are twins, my day and work organization is mastered to perfection. I also possess a lot of patience and empathy towards others.

I spend every free moment with my family and utilize this time to the fullest.

I always strive to perform my job diligently and with full commitment.

Kaja P.


Smiling, meticulous, and patient.

I gained knowledge in my specialties from a makeup school, characterization school, through courses, and in practice. I live by the principle that makeup was created to emphasize beauty, not to create it.

Don’t like your asymmetrical lips? Let me help you with that. But do you love your green eyes? I know a few ways to bring out even more beauty from them. Each of us is different, which makes us unique!

My priority as a makeup artist or eyelash stylist is to maintain strict work hygiene standards and to ensure that every client leaves feeling beautiful, light, and confident!

In my private life, I value the people around me the most and good cinema. My heart was stolen by Mediterranean cuisine, especially Greek and Italian.



The founder of Balola. An active and demanding woman and a loving mother of three. Having experienced her first wrinkles, she started a quest for advanced cosmetic solutions. Her pursuit gave rise to the idea of Balola, a place where a team of understanding and committed experts offers optimal treatments based on personal consultations with every client.
A satisfied user of all the products and facilities at Balola.