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Permanent makeup is one of the passion of our lingerist and cosmetologist Marta. Marta is very meticulous, accurate and precise, and these three features are a guarantee of beauty, durability of permanent makeup. Most of our clients decide on permanent makeup with Marta because already happy clients recommend her service.

Marta will agree on the shape, color and other features of permanent makeup before applying the treatments. We are aware of how important it is to determine the precisely expected effect and your taste, which is why we reserve a lot of time for such a visit to agree everything and ensure comfort. We offer you the latest method on the market. Here are a few words about it:

The pixel method involves precise consultation and discousing about shape to agree with client. Thanks to this modern method, the lingerist is able to individually choose the style and character of the eyebrows, e.g. ombre, racial or powder eyebrows.

The first refiling is included in the price of the treatment. Another refiling (up to a year) offered for half the price.

The right eyebrow shape dramatically changes the expression on Nada’s face with lots of charm and weather. It is rarely possible to get the perfect shape by ourself, especially when we make it ourselves. We can perfectly match eyebrows to our individual character and personality. The expressive frame of the eye is the most important function of our face. Permanently outlined eyebrow shape will take away your worries and add a few minutes with everyday makeup. Take care of the aesthetic appearance of your eyebrows and give in to a permanent makeup specialist.

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The most suitable treatment(s) will be recommended based on the consultation and your expectations. The price is based on a number of factors, including the type and duration of treatment and strength of the products used.