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"Balola" massage - 90 minutes
290 PLN
  • A unique massage created specifically by our therapists to the needs of our Guests. The carefully selected techniques of relaxing massage combined with gold and amber body peel. Arranged in a smooth and harmonious whole it perfectly puts you in a state of deep relaxation. It is based on exclusive natural oils, which give the skin a real nutritive shot. After the treatment, the skin is velvet smooth, soft and delicate in touch.
California massage 60 minutes/90 minutes
140 PLN/190 PLN
  • It is a perfectly stress-reducing massage, which restores balance. The massage consists in long and flowing strokes, a calm and gentle touch is the basis here, which is to bring back the childhood memories. Its aim is both the mental and the physical aspect. The California massage perfectly reduces stress, restores balance and eliminates the physical and emotional blocking. It is recommended especially to those, for whom the life in harmony is important as well as eliminating stress with natural methods.
Hot stone massage - 90 minutes
190 PLN
  • The hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing, revitalizing and regenerating treatment. Its idea is derived from countries of America, where the hot basalt stone compresses were used for therapeutic purposes. It increases the flow of positive energy, which influences the creation of the sensation of balance. The stones used in massage come from ecologically clean and volcanically active regions of the world (e.g. Hawaii, Bali).
Herbal stamp massage - 90 minutes
190 PLN
  • This massage is performed with the use of stamps filled with a bunch of aromatic herbs and spices. Its action is not only the aromatherapy and relaxation, but also a deep regeneration of skin. The purpose of this massage is to restore the harmony of the body - it unlocks the flow of energy, it has a positive effect over the blood and lymph flow, boosts the immune system and also relaxes the muscles and improves the mobility.
Anti-ageing massage 30 minutes/60 minutes/90 minutes
120 PLN/170 PLN/220 PLN
  • A subtle relaxing massage performed with natural serum rich in nutritive components. It gives the effect of rested, silky smooth and nourished skin. It influences the production of collagen, the skin after the treatment is velvet smooth, soft and delicate in touch.
Classic massage 30 min/60 min
90 PLN/140 PLN
  • One of the most popular body massages, restoring the good health condition of your muscles and joints. Performed as a stimulating massage, it gives you energy, stimulates to action.
Therapeutic massage 30 minutes/60 minutes
120 PLN/170 PLN
  • The therapeutic massage combines a couple of massage forms, appropriately selected to the customer's health needs, it brings relief in case of many problems of the body. The most popular one is the therapeutic massage of the spine, recommended especially to persons with sedentary lifestyle.
Chinese bubble massage 30 min/60 min
90 PLN/140 PLN
  • This massage is based on the Chinese therapeutic procedures, perfectly smooths and tightens the skin, eliminating cellulite and improving the lymph flow in the body. It has a relaxing effect, eliminates the impression of heavy legs, brings a pleasant effect of body lightness.
Sports massage 60 minutes
140 PLN
  • This massage is irreplaceable in the biological rejuvenation, excellent as a complementation of training. It restores the balance to the muscles, ensures faster regeneration, strengthens the training effects. It accelerates the exertion of toxins from the body, reduces the overload and tiredness.
The "mum to be" massage 60 minutes
140 PLN
  • It is an ideal massage for pregnant women, performed with the use of anti-stretch marks, organic and nutritive oil. It is adjusted to the needs of a mum to be, it is a rest to the spine, and it improves cell nutrition, helps in problems occurring in this special condition. A deep relaxation and ease have the beneficial impact on both the mother and the baby, who is very intensely receiving the positive stimuli.


AROSHA- drainage bandage

Slimming and modelling - single treatment
240 PLN
Slimming and modelling - a package of 8 treatments
1680 PLN
Express anti-cellulite and slimming programmes - single treatment
260 PLN
Express anti-cellulite and slimming programmes - a package of 8 treatments
1820 PLN



1 treatment depending on the size of the area
40-80 PLN
Scar activation
30 PLN



he most effective method of cellulite reduction, muscle tone improvement and skin elasticity! In the hands of a physiotherapist, the shockwave also deals with problems such as painful muscles, hallux or tennis elbow.
  • Arms
300 PLN
  • Sides
200 PLN
  • Ambdomen
400 PLN
  • Bottom
250 PLN
  • Thighs and buttocks
500 PLN
  • One physiotherapist treatment (hallux)
100 PLN


A series of 6 treatments
50% discount for the final treatment
A series of 7 treatments
55% discount for the final treatment
A series of 8 treatments
60% discount for the final treatment
A series of 9 treatments
the final treatment is free !
A series of 10 treatments
50% discount for the 9th treatment, the last one is for free !
And a gift massage brush



Manual cleansing of the back
180-250 PLN
Body peel
90 PLN
Sun-kissed skin - we make your skin light brown, we make it look fresh and healthy. The Balola tan is smooth and looks very natural.
120 PLN
Glykopeel back
290 PLN


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