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Stem cell neck lift, capacity 59 ml

Strongly firming cream for the chin, neck and cleavage.
The cream is designed to deeply moisturize the skin with signs of aging, thicken it and raise the falling oval. In addition, it brightens discolorations and evens out the color.

Application: apply to the cleansed skin of the neck and neckline gently massaging.

Skin type: flaccid, mature, with first signs of aging, dry

440 PLN
Stem cell creme, capacity 48 g.

Stimulating and regenerating treatment.

The cream is designed to reduce visible wrinkles and prevent the formation of new once. As an alternative to botox, it slows down the activity of muscle responsible for the formation of mimic wrinkles. In addition, it perfectly moistens mature skin and improves its tension.

Application: massaged until completely absorbed every evening.

Skin type: mature, with visible wrinkles, dry, demanding

450 PLN
Stem cell masque, capacity 59 ml.

Regenerative mask with stem cells.

The rejuvenating mask, rich in active ingredients, stimulates collagen synthesis. Deeply nourishes the skin with the first signs of aging and fills the first wrinkles. The technology used acts as a natural botulinum toxin, stopping muscle contractions in critical parts, thus preventing the formation of mimic wrinkles. In addition, it brightens the complexion, has a lifting and anti-inflammatory effect.

Application: apply a small amount of the product on the face and neck at least 3 times a week. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. It is worth using this mask also on the hands and cleavage.

Skin: mature and with first signs of aging

195 PLN
Stem cell facial cleanser, capacity 118 ml.

A delicate, cleansing washing cream.

A washing product for women who prefer facial make-up with water. The rich composition with natural stem cells supports anti-aging prophylaxis, firms and brightens.

Application: use daily for face, neck and cleavage in the morning and evening. Apply for wet face and then massage.

Skin: mature, with first signs of aging.

155 PLN
Stem cell serum, capacity 30 ml.

Intensive smoothing and regenerating therapy.

It's an alternative to Botox. It prevents wrinkles and eliminates existing ones. Rebuild damaged cells and protect them from damage. It stimulates the reconstruction of collagen fibers and significantly improves the tension and density of the skin.

Application: apply to cleansed face and neck in the morning and at night.

Skin: mature.

450 PLN
Stem cell eye creme, capacity 14 g.

A rejuvenating and smoothing treatment for the eye area.

Intensive treatment containing stem cells. It delays skin aging processes. It eliminates mimic wrinkles and dark circles around the eye. Has anti-inflammatory effect. Protects against the effects of interference by free radicals. Rebuilds the skin.

Application: apply in the morning and evening on the face and neck.

Skin: mature.

250 PLN


The most suitable treatment(s) will be recommended based on the consultation and your expectations. The price is based on a number of factors, including the type and duration of treatment and strength of the products used.