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Lightening gentle cleanser, capacity 118 ml

Gentle lightening facial cleanser.

Cleanser perfectly cleans the skin turning into a delicate milk. It adds a radiant glow and youthful appearance. The active ingredients of this cleanser, apart cleaning the epidermis from impurities and make-up residues inhibit the appearance of discoloration. They also clarify existing pigmentation changes. Cleanser is very delicate- it works effectively but doesn't irritate the skin! On the contrary, it soothes and and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Use: massage gently in a moist skin of the face, neck and neckline, and than rinse with lukewarm water.

Skin type: prone to discoloration, sensitive, atopic, dehydrated, grey, with the first signs of aging, dry

160 PLN
intense brightening powder Intense brightening powder

Luxurious smoothing powder

Powder, whose task is gentle cleansing and exfoliation recommended for all skin types. Extremely soft mix contains exfoliating microfine, which remove the residue of makeup and sebum from the pores ensuring long-lasting hydration. The powder contains natural, new-generation plant ingredients, enzymes and antioxidants.

Application: apply a small amount on wet hands and rub your hands to create a lightweight foam. Gently massage into the skin avoiding the eye area and then rinse thoroughly. Apply twice a day - morning and evening on the face, neck and cleavage.

Skin type: all, especially for skin lacking radiance, matte.

185 PLN
Iluma brightening eye creme Intense Brightening eye creme, capacity 30 ml

Brightening eye cream

Eye cream that brightens and brightens the delicate eye area. It allows you to reduce the signs of aging around the eyes, including swelling, dark borders and wrinkles, and lack of elasticity. It contains modern lightening substances, new generation peptides and plant extracts that effectively rejuvenate the eye area. The skin becomes firmer and instantly illuminated.

Applying: in the morning and in the evening, apply a small portion of the cream on the upper and lower eyelids and around the eyes with the fingertips.

Skin type: skin aging with shadows around the eyes, without glare, swollen and without elasticity.

242 PLN
Iluma intense lightening hand creme Intense Lightening Hand Creme, capacity 57g

Brightening hand cream

Daily moisturizing of hands with the addition of intense brightening agents and reducing discoloration. SPF15 protection against UVA / UVB sun rays with strong antioxidants.

Application: daily for the best protection and hydration. In addition, use during the day and during exposure to the sun.

Skin type: signs of skin aging, spots caused by skin aging processes, dark areas on the skin, dry, dehydrated skin.

160 PLN
iluma intense brightening creme Intense brightening creme, capacity 50 ml

ntensely brightening cream

The new, revolutionary, intensely brightening cream effectively reduces discoloration caused by skin aging and hyperpigmentation. It contains a complex that brightens and evens out the skin tone. It leaves a glow and a healthy, young appearance.

Application: after cleansing the skin, apply the cream on face and neck and massage gently. Daily use will give you the optimal result.

Skin type: uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration caused by aging processes, dark spots, melanodermia.

370 PLN
Iluma Intense Lightening Serum Iluma intense lightening serum, capacity 30 ml

Fat free, light serum

Treatment for discoloration and redness. The composition of plant brightening agents, vitamin C and grape extract reduces inflammation, restoring clean, fresh complexion. Perfectly soothes the skin after treatments and lasers.

Application: for cleansed skin in the morning and evening

Skin type: rosacea, sun damaged skin, uneven color, irritation, peeling skin, sensitive skin

242 PLN
Intense lightening body lotion, capacity 170 g.

Intensive brightening body lotion.

The product is intended for mature skin prone to discoloration. Active ingredients improve the tone and elasticity of the skin and even out its color by brightening the spots.

Application: apply the preparation only on cleansed skin - preferably after peeling.

Skin: prone to discoloration.

260 PLN


The most suitable treatment(s) will be recommended based on the consultation and your expectations. The price is based on a number of factors, including the type and duration of treatment and strength of the products used.