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your face gąbeczka do oczyszczania skóry Your face sponge face washer

The sponge is perfect for the basis of skin care - cleansing in the morning and evening. Daily use of this sponge improves the effectiveness and efficiency of skin cleansers, narrows the pores and reduces skin glow. Available in the form of a cute octopus or as a classic washer.

15 PLN
Facial wipes

Moistened wipes for removing make-up.

In addition to thorough cleansing, the wipes works against oxidative stress. They perfectly hydrate and leave no unpleasant feeling on the skin tightness. Silencing effect causes that they will also work for sensitive skin.

Application: take the tissues out by the package, than close package carefully and remove make-up gently rubbing the epidermis.

Skin type: suitable for all skin types

89 PLN
I conceal foundation, capacity 28 g.

Natural foundation with a mineral filter.

For everyday use. Moisturizes, protects against the adverse effects of solar radiation. Due to the fact that the preparation is mineral - it also works well after cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

Application: every morning for cleansed skin covered with a care cream.

Skin: all skin types, with imperfections.

250 PLN


The most suitable treatment(s) will be recommended based on the consultation and your expectations. The price is based on a number of factors, including the type and duration of treatment and strength of the products used.