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Clarifying masque, capacity 57 g

Cleansing and matting masque from Clear Cell line.

The masque deeply cleans and exfoliating dead skin leaving the skin smooth. It inhibits the formation of imperfection. It soothes the inflammations, has antibacterial properties. It regulates the proper skin hydration and mattes it.

Application: depending on needs, apply once or up to four times a week. Apply to the whole face. After 10 minutes rinse with warm water.

Skin types: oily, acne, seborrheic, prone to breakouts, polluted, with enlarged pores

165 PLN
Clarifying tonic, capacity 118 ml

Refreshingly cleansing facial tonic.

The wide spectrum of this tonic active is a response to the needs of demanding acne and oily skin. Perfectly cleans, leaves it smooth. In addition, it narrows the pores and has anti-inflammatory properties and doesn't irritated. It soothes and calm the skin.

Application: soak a cotton swab and wipe the skin thoroughly in the morning and evening and if possible- during the day.

SKin type: acne, oily, seborrhea, impure

150 PLN
Image Restoring serum Restoring serum, capacity 28g.

Light, moisturizing and fat-free serum

Serum soothes and absorbs excess sebum from the skin surface. This action results in a matting effect. It contains a derivative of vitamin B6, which improves the balance of the skin, and plant extracts reduce irritation and inflammation. The next generation component is the Spheron L-1500 hydrant, which effectively moisturizes and absorbs excess sebum at the same time. The serum visually reduces the pore size, giving the skin a long-lasting matting effect.

Application: for everyday use. Every morning apply a thin layer on cleansed skin. If necessary, additional moisture can also be used during the day.

Skin type: oily, sensitive, irritated skin

190 PLN
Image Mattifying moisturizer Mattifying moisturizer, capacity 57g.

Light cream

Light soothing cream that moisturizes irritated and dry skin and significantly reduces its glow. The vitamin B6 derivative improves the balance of the skin, and plant extracts reduce irritation and inflammation. The component of the new generation Spheron L-1500 hydrant, which effectively moisturizes and simultaneously absorbs excess sebum, visually reduces the pore size, giving the skin a long-lasting matting effect.

Application: apply a thin layer to cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening. Can be used daily.

Skin type: oily skin, irritated, problematic, with inflammation, with spotty, sensitive, after treatments.

230 PLN
Cell Clarifying Lotion Balola Cell Clarifying Lotion, capacity 50 ml

Light daily cream

Fat-free light cream for everyday use. It controls the excessive production of sebum and the multiplication of bacteria. The antioxidant composition improves skin hydration and gives the complexion acne a healthy look. Natural substances that lighten the complexion reduce redness of acne lesions.

Application: cleansed skin every morning and evening. Can be used spot-on as a treatment to reduce acne.

Skin type: acne skin and skin prone to acne

187 PLN
European gel cleanser, capacity 177 ml

Cleansing foam for face washing.

Preparation for daily care of oily and acne skin. The foam contains salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells and excess sebum - it also supports the regulation of its production. Foam has antibacterial properties - it is therefore an appropriate product for skin problems. Daily use with sensitive skin is not recommended.

Application: Apply on a moist face and neck every morning and evening.

Skin: oily, acne.

150 PLN


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