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Body rescue stretch marks, capacity 200 ml

Cream for stretch marks and scars.
The cream is design to support the repair functions of the skin, lighten and eliminate stretch marks and scars, as well as prevent the emergence of new once.

Application: massage into the skin until it is completely dry.

Skin type: with stretch marks, flaccid, scarring

195 PLN
Body rescue drain, capacity 200 ml

Draining body lotion.

The cream is full of active ingredients designed to fight swelling and water and lymphatic retention. Used regularly, it allows you to deal with puffiness and give lightness to your feet. It will also help to reduce some cm :)

Application: massage daily in sensitive areas. Leave to absorb.

Skin type: with cellulite, with edema

195 PLN
Arosha body rescue cellulite

Anti-cellulite-draining cream.

A product of a brand specializing in the fight for beautiful skin. The cream improves circulation, so it has a draining effect and helps to cope with stagnant water and lymph in the body. Active ingredients (L-carnitine, caffeine) contained in the balm increase skin tension and thicken it. They restore a healthy look and beautiful color.

Application: apply daily to cleansed skin. Massage and allow to dry

Skin: requiring tension, with cellulite.

195 PLN
Arosha body lift dry-touch oil, capacity 100 ml

Arosha dry body oil.

Skin care product. It improves its color, moisturizes and nourishes. What is important in the fight against cellulite - improves microcirculation. It also has a gentle draining effect. The oil does't leave a greasy film so you can use it also for the day. It clearly improves skin tone.

Application: use daily on dry or moist skin, massage and leave to dry.

Skin: all skin types.

190 PLN
Arosha body rescue firming, capacity: 200 ml.

Firming body cream.

It stimulates the production of collagen, thanks to which it significantly firms the skin. It improves its tension and hydration, significantly affects its elasticity.

Application: massage daily into cleansed skin and allow to absorb.

Skin: flaccid, requiring firming.

190 PLN
Arosha body rescue breast & decollete, capacity: 100 ml.

Arosha - firming gel for the bust and decollete.

Intensively lifting gel for the bust and cleavage. It helps to improve the quality of the skin exposed to loss of firmness and often overlooked in daily care. Thanks to the presence of active ingredients, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It tightens the skin.

Application: apply daily to the skin of the bust and cleavage.

Skin: any type of skin.

175 PLN
Arosha peeling, capacity: 120 ml

Enzyme body scrub.

The peeling cleanses the skin, improves microcirculation and thus supports the process of cellulite elimination. Removes callous epidermis and impurities. It also aligns the skin tone and leaves the skin soft and smooth, ready for further skin care treatments.

Application: apply to the whole body with particular emphasis on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Do not wash!

Skin: any skin type.

150 PLN


The most suitable treatment(s) will be recommended based on the consultation and your expectations. The price is based on a number of factors, including the type and duration of treatment and strength of the products used.